Alpha Gamma Delta

Zeta Delta Chapter at Towson University


Having a strong bond with one another is something that the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta hold close to our hearts. Caring for and respecting each sister is of the upmost importance to us. Without one another’s support we would not be able to move forward and grow as a chapter. Holding sisterhood high in our standards is an aspect of Alpha Gamma Delta that is constantly being strengthened and improved. It is our purpose as sisters to not only have a strong sense of community within our chapter but also within the Towson community. Having a strong inner connection shows in our impactful outreach to Towson’s campus and our philanthropy.

The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta get together for sisterhood events at least once a month. These events are planned by the Sisterhood Coordinator and include small things such as a movie night, karaoke, or bonding activities during meeting. Our biggest and most looked forward too event is our Sisterhood Retreat. In the fall semester we organize a retreat when the entire chapter goes away for the weekend.  We have stayed in both a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia, as well as the homes of our wonderful sisters.  Sisters participate in different bonding exercises as well as fun activities that our environment has to offer!  This event gives sisters an opportunity to strengthen already strong bonds and enjoy one another’s company outside of the stress of Towson’s campus.